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About Vikrant Shaurya


Vikrant Shaurya is the CEO and “Book Launch Manager” at “Authority on Demand,” through which he helps people raise their visibility, create authority in their industry, and double their business by helping them publish their book and become bestseller.

Vikrant Shaurya is author of #1 Bestselling business book, P.O.W.E.R. – The Success Mantra. Vikrant’s purpose in life is to share his knowledge, ideas, and experience through his books with others so that they can realize their true potential and achieve great success in their life.

Vikrant’s life goal is all about looking forward and taking as many people as possible forward along with him. That’s why he has started Authority on Demand through which he helps people tell their story to the World and help them get recognition and create their own brand in today’s noisy and boisterous world by becoming best-selling authors.

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