Traditional Publishers – How they are failing the authors

As a publishing agency, we often come across authors who express both surprise and delight about how smooth and profitable publishing a book was.

We have met authors who have been pitching book proposals to numerous agents without success for years. Then they get on board with us and get their book published within 6 months max and also start to see ROI from day 1 itself.

We also come across frustrated authors who feel that traditional publishers are failing to meet their outcome brief on a daily basis.

So, we wanted to open their eyes to the realities of traditional publishing and share with them, why it is losing charm among the authorpreneurs.

Why Traditional Publishing is NOT all that it is hyped to be –

Entering traditional publishing is tantamount to playing a game that is rigged against you at all stages. Apart from the time and difficulty involved in just getting face to face with a publisher, authors often have to suffer creatively and commercially when they go down the traditional route.


Rich Dad Poor Dad – Timeless Financial Lessons by Robert Kiyosaki

As a publishing agency, we regularly come face to face with inspiring stories and take great pleasure in helping the authors in turning them into books that everyone wants to read.

But, even with our vast access, only occasionally do we come across books that fire the imagination of an entire generation. Books that have the power to literally change lives across geographical and age spectrums. Rich dad poor Dad is one such book.


How to Leverage your Book into a Business Empire – The Tim Ferriss Example

   Tim Ferriss is unique among self-help authors.

The biggest difference between him and the most run of the mill self-helpers is that His advice works. And this is a pleasant surprise for the majority of readers.

As a publishing agency, we come across someone whose life ‘4 Hour Workweek’ changed at least once a week. And we take inspiration from Tim’s timeless and highly transferable principles on a regular basis.

Of course, our inspirations don’t stop at his ‘life designs’ and ‘mini-retirements.’

We are amazed by the brand he has built around his book. We want authorpreneur to see and experience how powerful a book can be in positioning and influencing the purchase decisions of the consumers. More than anything else,  we want the entrepreneurs to see how a book can help them form deep connections with their audience if they take the care to offer solutions to their pain points.

In this light, Authority on Demand team has compiled the different ways in which Tim Ferriss leveraged his book ‘4 Hour Workweek’ for business diversification and high-impact brand building.